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League Rule Change for 2017-18 Season

Note the revised rules for the Sussex Open League have been posted on the SHA website. All teams should make sure they have read the rules.

However, please remember that Sussex Division 1 is part of the South Hockey League and administered under the South League rules and so teams in Division 1 need to ensure they are aware of those rules held on the South League website. Clubs with teams in Division 1 are reminded that they MUST place at least 1 umpire per team into the men's appointment pool. Failure to do this will result in significant fines at the end of each half of the season.

Also this season, Sussex requires that all club umpires who are officiating in Division 2 and 3 games be enrolled as members of the Sussex Hockey Umpires Association. Associate membership of the Association is still only £7 and provides insurance wherever you umpire and access to the Association website.

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Barry Holmes
Sussex Open League Secretary

Sussex Youth Hockey